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This Project Summary Sheet represents the information and updates as of July 2014

General Information        

Project Name: San Joaquin Hills Ferry Fish Barrier
Agency: Department of Water Resources
Program Objective: Ecosystem Restoration
Program Element: Ecosystem Restoration
Description: Install and operate a temporary physical barrier (Alaska weir) on the San Joaquin River at the Merced River confluence each fall from late September to late December to prevent salmon spawners from straying into the upper San Joaquin River. The project began in 1993 on an annual basis. In 1995, a 15-year project was approved. Funding was included to purchase about 10 acres of property to secure long-term access for barrier installation. The Hills Ferry Barrier was first installed in 1993 and continues to provide seasonal barrier protection benefits to fall-run Chinook salmon by directing upstream migrating adult fall-run Chinook salmon into suitable spawning habitat in the Merced River and away from unsuitable habitat in the San Joaquin River and dead end sloughs and canals as previous Department of Fish & Game (DFG) studies have indicated. Although funding for this action ends in 2012, funding will likely continue as requested by DFG. This action will need to be coordinated with the San Joaquin River Restoration Program effort currently underway.


FYBudget RefFund SourceAmount
2008-2009 (Actuals) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $70,000.00
2009-2010 (Actuals) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $71,759.00
2010-2011 (Actuals) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $0.00
2011-2012 (Actuals) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $0.00
2012-2013 (Actuals) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $0.00
2013-2014 (Budgeted) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $0.00
2014-2015 (Proposed) 510 - State Water Project State Water Project $0.00
Total Funding: $141,759.00

  • Budgeted amounts are projections only and do not necessarily reflect obligations, encumbrances, or actual expenditures.
  • Total Funding amount may include budget year projections and may change when actual expenditures are posted.
  • Total Funding amount represents the funding related to the specific agency and project selected. This amount is not intended to reflect funding that may or may not be contributed by other agency(ies). 


Project Locations (GIS)

The project information shown above is preliminary. Data collection is ongoing and additional information will be available for view at a later date.